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  • Audit and Assurance
  • Taxation
  • IPO and listed companies
  • Corporate Secretarial
  • Incorporation of Hong Kong Company
  • Worldwide incorporation
  • Trademark application
  • Accounting Services
  • FAQ of accounting
  • Employer’s Support & Payroll Services
  • Recruitment Consultancy

Audit and Assurance


We provide audit and assurance services for all sizes of companies, from startup businesses to listed companies and multinational corporations. We have experiences and knowledge in a wide range of industries and are committed to excel in audit efficiency. Our principal clients operate in the following businesses:

  • Asset management
  • Education
  • Food and beverage
  • Insurance brokers
  • Manufacturing and trading
  • Moneylenders
  • Non-government organizations
  • On-line business
  • Property and securities investment
  • Property developers
  • SFO regulated activities

Our risk-based audit approach recognises that the audit does not commence with examination of individual transactions or documents; it begins at the financial statements level with a review of the overall structure of the entire entity and an understanding of the financial statements as a whole. Our risk-based approach helps identifying and distinguishing significant matters from unimportant non-value-added details.




Our Tax Advisory Services Department provides a comprehensive range of tax services. We offer a full range of compliance, advisory and high-level tax planning services to listed corporations, owner-managed enterprises and high net-worth individuals. Our familiarity with the tax environment enables us to give practical and effective advice on all taxation matters.


IPO and listed companies


We are familiar with listing rules in Hong Kong and experienced in helping our clients getting listed in both the Main Board and the Growth Enterprise Market on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. We have been acting as reporting accountants, internal control adviser and consultant of various IPO projects.

We have successfully assisted companies to get listed and has provided auditing, merger and acquisition, consultancy and tax advisory services to various listed companies in Hong Kong. We have experienced professionals in assisting PRC companies’ to Hong Kong IPO and capable of providing professional advices on financial, tax, compliance and internal control aspects in cross border merger and acquisition.


Corporate Secretarial


We provide corporate secretarial services and act as company secretary for Hong Kong companies.

As the appointed company secretary, we will ensure that the company is in compliance with the provisions of the Companies Ordinance and Business Registration Ordinance of Hong Kong. 

We attend to various aspects of corporate compliance including:
•    Preparing and lodging a company's annual return with the Registrar of Companies 
•    Preparing minutes and related documents for annual general meeting
•    Preparing documents in respect of business registration matters 
•    Preparing minutes and standard forms for changes in directors, transfers of shares and changes in registered office address 
•    Preparing and lodging documents to change of capital structure of a company such as including shares subdivision, consolidation and re-classification. 
•    Drafting memorandum and articles of association tailor made to a company's circumstances
•    Preparing documents to open bank accounts in Hong Kong and overseas 
•    Organising, attending and taking minutes of directors and shareholders meetings 
•    Arranging documents for members' voluntary winding up and deregistration 
•    Preparing documents for the registration of a branch office for an overseas company doing business in Hong Kong and providing an authorised representative as is required by statute 


Incorporation of Hong Kong Company


General requirement    


  • Company name

Both English and Chinese Name are acceptable. Company must end with “Limited”.

According to “Company Act” 22B, wording such as “Trust”, “Chamber” can only be used if the company got the approval from Registrar of Companies.

Company cannot use name, which already used by other existing registered Hong Kong Company.


  • Registered capital

Usually share capital HK Dollars 10,000.


  • Director

At least one, can be individual or corporate, no nationality restriction.


  • Shareholder

At least one, can be individual or corporate, no nationality restriction.


  • Company secretary

Required. Must be Hong Kong ID card holder or Hong Kong corporate. 


  • Registration address

Required. Must be in Hong Kong.


FAQ of Hong Kong Company Incorporation    


  • How long it takes to setup a new company in Hong Kong?

Ans: It normally takes 7 working days.


  • What are included when using our service to setup a new Hong Kong Company?

Ans: Fee included: Company registration fee, BR registration fee, drafting article of association for the new company, submit the registration document, appointed as the new company’s secretary and provide Registered address for the first year, 1 box (included chops, signature chop, share book, meeting record book), verify copy for company document (provide appoint request, extra fee may required).


  • Are there any hidden fee?

Ans: The service fee is the registration fee for whole year, including all fee which allow a company to operate (not including opening bank account), there is no hidden fee.


  • Who can incorporate a company in Hong Kong?

Ans: Any nature person, no Hong Kong resident required. 


  • After incorporation, what process is required to do annually?

Ans: Basically you have to report to two departments: Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department.


  • I would like to setup a Hong Kong Company and going to use the Hong Kong Company as a holding company of WFOE or JV in China. Is it possible that all shareholders are Mainland Chinese?

Ans: No. The company’s shareholder or beneficial owners must include the non-Mainland Chinese residents. 


  • After Hong Kong Company registry, if there is any support from Hong Kong government? And if the shareholders can apply visa allowing them enter to Hong Kong freely?

Ans: Hong Kong Government and some Hong Kong banks have supportive policy for SME in Hong Kong, those companies meet the requirement can enjoy the benefit provided by them. Hong Kong government is adopting western policy, to absorb those who can help Hong Kong economy.



Worldwide incorporation

  • Hong Kong
  • British Virgin Island (BVI)
  • Cayman Island
  • United Kingdom
  • USA (Chicago、Delaware、Nevada、New York)
  • Marshall Island
  • Samoa Island
  • Seychelles
  • Bermuda
  • Singapore
  • Canada
  • Mainland China  

Trademark application


A successful trademark can enhance the goodwill of company. This will not only bring substantial profits, but also promote business for the company. In order to protect these intellectual property rights and interests, trademark holders should register their own trademarks.

Once a trademark application has been approved, the applicant has the exclusive right to use the trademark. In addition, when trademark rights and interests are infringed, the applicant may resort to legal action to prohibit his or her infringement and recovery of compensation. We provide Hong Kong, Mainland China and Worldwide application for trademark registration, from the Declaration, publication of announcements, to the receipt of certificates, etc., we will provide professional advice to applicants.


Accounting Services


The continuing growth of world trade over recent years has led to greater centralization of operational functions within a business, and companies are creating commercial “hub” to drive these centralized functions. 

More businesses are using Hong Kong as such a hub or re-invoicing center to make use of its favorable distribution costs, convenient time zone, efficient banking system and its lack of exchange control.

Our firm is committed to providing you the accounting support you need. Our experienced and professional accounting team offers flexibility in our service tailored to our individual client's requirements. The assignments that we carry out may be ongoing or on a project basis. Accounting functions are performed either at client's place of business or in our own offices.

We undertake extensive practical and technical assistance covering all aspects of the financial and accounting functions, including: -
•    Operating client's bank accounts, including cheque issuing and income    collection
•    Cheque signing services as part of the company's internal control process or to    help save costs 
•    Assist in treasury management in accordance with pre-determined instructions and ensure proper financial controls are maintained. This service is most useful to overseas companies who do not employ an internal accountant in Hong Kong 
•    Arrange temporary secondment of our accounting professionals to assist during the busy period or to cover temporary staff shortages 
•    Maintain accounting records for cashbook, receipts, payments and general ledger 
•    Prepare management accounts on a monthly, quarterly or annually basis 
•    Carry out reviews to ensure the appropriateness of accounting, payment and receipt transactions 
•    Implementation of accounting systems 
•    Review and recommendations on improvements to existing systems of internal controls 
•    Preparation of accounting manuals 
•    Handling and redirecting of mail and correspondence


FAQ of accounting


What documents are required for accounting?


Transaction type : Related documents to be kept for at least 7 years

Sales : Sales Invoice, Credit Note, Official Receipts, Receipts records, POS slip

Purchase : Purchase Invoice, Cash Purchase Records, Payment Receipt, Cheque Butts, Bank Account Statement

Other Expense : Expenses Invoice, Payment Receipt, Cheque Butts, Salaries Records 

Bank Transaction : Bank Statement, Bank Deposit Slip and Detailed Record, Cheque Butts or Cheque copy (should including transaction amount, nature and payee’s name) 

Fixed Assets : Agreement for Sales and Purchases, Invoice and Receipt, Cheque Butts or Cheque Copy

Stock : Deterioration and obsolescence Stock, Stock List (includes quantity and value)

Company Investment : Stock Bought and sold note, Agreement for Sales and Purchases, Audited Report (Subsidiary company only)



Employer’s Support & Payroll Services


We offer our customers with the payroll services. Services include remuneration and MPF calculations, submission and payment of MPF statements and contributions, payment of salaries, establishment and preparation of employment contracts and ensuring that our clients are able to comply with the requirements of the Labour Ordinance to reduce the burden of administrative and management works.


Recruitment Consultancy


We offer comprehensive recruitment and talent management services to clients.