A member of the World Link International Accounting Group specializing in
Corporate Finance and Management Advisory Services


We aim at creating value for our clients by helping them

  • create and enhance competitive advantage;
  • realize and maximize financial strength; and
  • Minimize business risks.

Worldlink can help our clients develop business in the most efficient and effective way-- by organic growth or by acquisition growth or an optimal combination of both.

We provide integrated business development solutions by offering operations-focused management advisory services, highly sophisticated mergers and acquisitions skills and other corporate finance management assistance.

  • Assist in formulation of business development strategy
  • Advise on corporate restructuring, financial and operational re-engineering
  • Provide value-added expertise and coaching assistance by our seasoned industry professionals at senior executive level in their specialist business areas
  • Identify and introduce strategic business alliance partners via our extensive industry networks

Professional M&A advice is essential in ensuring not only the ultimate success of the deal but also continual survival of the enlarged companies. In fact M&A activities often involve high risk especially for merging companies with different corporate cultures. However it may often be very rewarding by accelerating future growth in revenue or profit while it could sometimes be the last resort for corporate survival.

Our M&A team is made up of highly skilled and experienced professionals across a wide array of industries. We can undertake the lead manager role, supporting our clients in every stage of the M&A process:

Pre-acquisition Stage

  • Help formulate business development/ acquisition/ takeover/divestment strategies and plans
  • Identify and evaluate appropriate acquisition and divestment candidates as to whether they strategically and financially fit
  • Advise on deal structure and assist in structuring tax-efficient deals and arrange appropriate form of financing
  • Advice on business and company valuations

Due Diligence and Deal Closing Stages

Due Diligence Advisory Services

  • Co-ordinate other advisers to the deal and perform deal management through to completion.
  • Advise on the timing, mode and scope of financial/ operational/ legal/ risk and environment due diligence in order to uncover potential financial and strategic risks or opportunities.
  • Provide negotiation support for selling price, timing and mode of payment and sales and purchase agreement finalization

Integration Stage

  • Advise on design and implementation of an integration plan for operational, financial and other back office functions to maximize revenue and cost synergies
  • Advise on design of conversion plan of financial and other operational systems of the acquired and, sometimes, of the acquiring companies
  • Advise on design of cross training plan to staff of the acquiring and acquired business units of the merging company.
  • Advice on formulation of measurement standards to monitor the integration progress against the intended revenue or costs synergies

We can also provide assistance on specific aspects of a deal if a full lead manager role is not required.

Management Buyout and Leveraged Buyout

We can assist in these special forms of acquisition involving financing to the buyers. Our corporate finance professionals have extensive networks in the banking and investment sector in both the major and emerging financial markets. We can offer our clients the timeliest and cheapest funds that suitably match business expansion needs.

Project Finance and Re-financing

Arrange new funds to finance execution of projects and further expansion of existing projects.

Equity and Debt Restructuring

Help introduction of new investors and negotiation with creditors to enhance financial health and improve ultimate capital structure.
Private placement and IPO Arrangement

  • Assist in Private placement, Pre-IPO financing and IPO Arrangement.
  • Identify and introduce strategic pre-IPO partners that fit in with the corporate culture
  • Help select the most suitable stock market (Hong Kong / Singapore / New York / NASDAQ/ London, LSE or AIM) having regard to prevailing market sentiment

Valuation Advisory

Assist in defining, measuring and enhancing business value for consideration of our clients in issues like corporate transactions, capital investments and shareholder value management.

In conjunction with our associate in Singapore and Malaysia, we carry out financial and intangible assets and intellectual capital, particularly technology valuation for our clients in Asia Pacific.

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